How Do You Know If A Communication Coach Will Benefit Your Company?

30 Jan

Hopefully, these simple questions will give you the answer:

  1. Do you need your employees, at all levels, to communicate and interact with each other, their managers, your clients and/or customers, etc., in a manner that is well received, professional and most productive? Will your business suffer if they don’t? Will it thrive even more if they do?
  2. Do you agree that for many people, great workplace communication and interpersonal skills do not come naturally, i.e., they are not intuitive, and therefore need to be learned, practiced and ultimately embedded?
  3. Can you name particular employees, and/or do you have a strong sense that there are people within your company, including new employees, managers and/or others who you feel have incredible leadership potential, who would benefit greatly from assistance with their communication and interpersonal practices with clients, customers, coworkers, others?

If your answer is YES to all of the questions above, then please continue reading.

  1. Do your managers and/or other senior employees know how to coach their employees on the various skills, knowledge, attitudes, behaviors, etc., that are required for effective workplace communication and interactions?
  2. Let’s say some of your managers and/or other senior staff already possess great communication and interpersonal skills and also happen to know how to coach their employees in this area. Do you want your prized, perhaps highest paid employees spending time away from their work to provide this type of time-intensive coaching?

If your answer is NO to one or both of the questions above, then it is a wise investment of your company’s resources to hire a communication and soft skills expert to work with your employees. There is no limit to the types of companies, and types of positions within a given company that will benefit, e.g., IT, retail, healthcare, life sciences, law firms, management consulting firms, senior management, new hires, sales associates and managers; etc.

An important final note:

Please don’t waste your resources sending your employees to one-time, large-group trainings if you are not going to follow-up with hands-on individual and/or small-group coaching. At best, your employees will walk away from a large-scale, generic training with some knowledge of what is needed to be a great communicator, but knowledge alone does not change behaviors, attitudes, etc. Hands-on, individualized (as well as some small group) coaching that includes personalized, candid feedback and reinforcement is essential for employees to translate knowledge into practice, and to integrate their new behaviors, thought patterns, etc. into their overall professional persona and performance on a permanent basis.

I am a communication and interpersonal skills consultant who works with employees at all different levels, in many different industries. If you think some coaching would be helpful, please feel free to send me an email at  


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