Why this blog? Surprisingly, this is one of the few questions I’m actually going to answer: Because I have many more questions than I have answers, and that’s okay. This blog is a blog of questions. It’s a place where I give myself free license to ask questions about, well, anything and everything. In this special place, I get to turn off the ‘solve it’ button in my head and set free my tireless curiosity.

Am I being a copout of sorts for asking what I hope are thoughtful, provocative questions without answering them with even more provocative, thoughtful answers? Feel free to think so. I, on the other hand, believe that it’s my life-long relationship with the question-mark that: keeps me open-minded and willing to consider all sides of an issue; leads me to a deeper understanding and connection with people as my gently probing questions give them a voice and makes them feel heard; keeps my brain nimble and my lightness of being strong; and so on.

I have devoted my career to helping professionals, at all levels of seniority and in all different industries, develop, continually hone and best apply their unique Professional Persona (which I also refer to as your Professional Brand) in a professional setting. In other words, my job is to help you be the best professional you can be and derive the greatest possible career success and satisfaction as a result. As a coach, workshop facilitator and public speaker, a key part of my job clearly includes answering people’s questions and quelling their concerns, and hopefully my track record suggests that I do this well. But, even when I’m ‘on-the-consultant-clock’, I start by identifying and framing the questions that will ensure we’re honing in on and addressing the real issues. This, of course, leads to another set of questions that need to be considered, but that’s the point. It tells us we’re getting to the heart of the matter, breaking the issues down to their very core where manageable solutions can be generated.

Also with this blog, I hope to encourage you to ask more questions. I hope this Curiosity Unleashed site will relieve at least some of the pressure you put on yourself to have all of the answers – at work and at home. After all, without question (oops), wise questions garner respect and ultimately lead to better answers.


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