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Returners: Be Proud. Be Confident. You Have More to Offer Than Ever Before.

30 Apr

Are you nervous about reentering the workforce after what might feel like a lifetime away? Do you feel you have lost touch with your former professional self, your professional persona, and as such you are reentering the work world as an entirely empty slate? Do you view your time away as a time capsule of sorts, a period in which you have been completely closed off from any growth that could possibly be relevant and benefit you in a work context?

It is understandable if these anxious thoughts are crowding your frontal lobe as you entertain the notion or actively begin the process of reentering the workforce. But, I have some good news for you: These are just your thoughts; they are not your reality.

You have not been in a time warp since you left the formal work world. You did not stop evolving in ways that will benefit you as a professional. On the contrary, you have more to offer than ever before. Regardless of why you left and what you have been doing since that time, there is no question that you have grown and developed new perspectives, attitudes, behaviors and life skills that make you an even stronger professional.

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