Some Advice on Taking Advice (From Leadership Development Professionals)

20 May

Looking for advice on honing your leadership style, making a career change, stress management, dealing with a difficult boss or almost any other career-related topic? Your timing is perfect. Online publications, such as The Daily Muse,’s Work In Progress, Fast Company and so many others, as well as the Blogs of top of the line career and leadership experts, are chockfull of articles with the latest research, interviews with experts, tales from the field and practical advice.

Just a few clicks of your keyboard and there they are, some online articles that are right on the mark as far as your work-related questions are concerned. They crystallize your issues in a way you never thought possible. They offer legitimate reasons for why you (and so many others) are feeling the way you do, which you find very validating. And, most important to you, they include advice that you find easy to understand and seems fairly simple to put into practice.

Are you feeling inspired and ready to put your newfound, seemingly easy strategies into action starting tomorrow? Please Wait! The advice that experts (myself included) give you is never easy or quick to put into action.

The rest of this article can be found on The Daily Muse:



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